Primary Uke has been designed (and tested) for teaching ukulele to primary school students. It is aimed at school teachers but can be used by anyone teaching uke to youngsters. The lyric content was written with Years 2 - 4 in mind (ages 7 - 9) but the music and skills content is suitable for any age.


As well as the Teacher's Handbook, the suite of resources comprises Student Sheets, Interactive White Board files (which can be used instead of the sheets), MP3s of the songs, Colouring-in pages, musical scores for reference, and details of Australian and State Primary School curriculum coverage.


It is sequential, lighthearted and includes music reading and using other musical communication such as chord diagrams and tabs, plus plucking, strumming, singing and multi-part arrangements.


Learning and activity areas are detailed for the songs and exercises and include things like recognising song structure, improvising with actions and percussive elements and thinking up alternative lyrics, as well as the basic music theory and skills. The material is designed to work for a range of learning styles..and it's colourful, with pictures!
Have a look at these sample pages.


COST/BENEFIT: only $27.95 to help a whole lot of kids (and you) have a whole lot of fun playing music!



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Primary Uke is a 28Mb zip download and you'll need the latest version of Acrobat Reader (free) to view the pdf files.


If you are downloading only on iPad, you will need a third party app such as GoodReader ($4.99 US or $7.99 AUD) which will 1) allow the zip file to download from Safari, and 2) uncompress it. GoodReader will also open the pdfs and play the mp3s.