Below are some simple, fairly standard strum patterns with a video demo (zedding!), visual guide on the demo and links to songs the strum would suit:

  • 2 + 4 with personality - emphasis on the 2nd and 4th beat, and one stand-alone down strum
  • Kinda Country - suits the more up-tempo country songs or pop songs with a twang
  • Jazzy - works well with most jazz standards. The cheeky 'up' can go at the end of either bar.
  • Laid-back Latin - a cruisy syncopated strum that suits a great many pop songs
  • Strictly Latin - the same strum but with a different emphasis - get your flamenco on!
  • Down up Chunk up - uses the percussive 'chnk' technique to emphasise the 2nd and 4th beats
  • Swing Down up Chunk up - as above but with a slow swing, great for Polynesian songs
  • Wipeout - the syncopated rhythm of that song's verse, and the choruses of others
  • Standard Waltz - 3/4 time with an emphasis on the 1st beat
  • Swing Waltz + Hiccup - 3/4 time with swing and an emphasis on the final half-beat
  • 6/8 Pop Ballad - a strum that will suit most songs in this time signature