JUST RELEASED! 2019 (third) edition

UBASSics is a ukulele bass lesson guide for beginners and 'just started' U-bass players up to intermediate level.


As well as diagrams, tabs, notation and a fully explained step-by-step approach, this edition now includes a video demonstration of each exercise and backing tracks to play along with.


It also includes extra information about tuning, strings and amplification, plus essential skills and 14 carefully designed exercises. 


UBASSics is in a format compatible with a range of devices and is a printable PDF. 


COST/BENEFIT: for just $19.95 AUD, you'll not only have a world of new musical skills at your fingertips, but be the recipient of gratitude from ukulele players who like to have the steady boom of a U-bass to keep them from straying (rhythmically, that is).

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