Good reasons to play songs you like

Repertoire choice is an important for ukulele groups to not only learn, but connect. Although meeting the challenge of new songs and the skills you need to play them can be part of the fun, there's nothing quite as satisfying as learning a song you love, or even discovering you love a song once you play it.

This short article explains from a teaching perspective how the combination of a commitment to learning something and a liking for the thing being learned makes the process so much easier. You'd think it goes without saying, but good to know there's a scientific basis to justify that thinking about something and having a positive feeling towards it making it more memorable and enjoyable!
Along those lines, this article, entitled Music is What Feelings Sound Like is a discussion about how incorporating different kinds of music into different parts of our lives, which most of us do, is a form of self-expression as well as a form of coping. I had a look at this psychologist's playlists on her own site and out of nearly 70 songs, saw only three that I liked, which confirms a discovery referred to in another post - that everyone's emotional response to music is as individual as a fingerprint (either that or I'm an un-fun musical fusspot!).