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A FREeBook for a very special ten percent of the population...

Left Handed Chord Diagrams. Fellow left-handed players, you no longer need to turn your brain around to read chord diagrams.

learning and teaching products...

Learn UBass with UBASSics 

UBASSics is an interactive PDF, which means as well as being an eBook with text, diagrams, and tabbed out things to play, within the text are video demos and backing ukulele tracks to play bass along with. All you have to do is click on the vids or audio which plays while you read the tabs of what you're playing at the same time - miraculous. Here are tips to make sure you can access the interactive parts.  Learn in your own time, at your own pace.
More info here

Friendly Music Theory for C6 Ukulele

A printable music theory ebook written for ukulele players with examples and diagrams which are uke-based wherever possible.

The diagrams in this book mean you can learn almost as much from looking at the pictures as you can from reading it!

Make an interesting topic more accessible and relevant to your ukeing.

More info here

Primary Uke

A teacher's handbook, student sheets, MP3s, scores, white board files, curriculum coverage and colouring-in pages. Tested by ruthless primary school students and thankful teachers, this series of songs and exercises is not only complementary to the James Hill Ukulele in the Classroom series but has an Australian-ness about it and the songs have entertained both students and parents when performed.
All digital, all printable. More information and a sampler here


Carry your ukulele, your music or even your lunch in this stylish tote...
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